Season of Our Joy

Feast of Tabernacles - 2023

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Due to difficulty in finding an appropriate facility in which to host SOOJ 2023, Ami Yisreal Fellowship will not be hosting 'Season of Our Joy' in 2023. Starting in 2024, AYF has secured the Camp Shiloh Retreat for the next 4 years.

Information on this page pertains to last year's (2022) SOOJ Sukkot Festival.

Sukkot Registration for 2022 opens mid-April.

Season of Our Joy charges a one-time $75 Facility Fee per family to defray our cost of securing the entire facility!

General Instructions:

Please complete this page's Registration Form.  Doing so provides us with the information we need to host a successful Sukkot.  After submitting the form, you may secure Housing at Camp Shiloh by contacting the SOOJ Housing Coordinator (see more information on the Housing page of this web site).

Contact Info Instructions:

  • Red boxes represent required information.
  • Use proper capitalization - not All CAPS or no caps.
  • If your spouse is attending, list the husband's name in the "First Name" box and the wife's name in the 'Spouse' box.
  • If your spouse is not attending, list your name in the "First Name" box and leave the 'Spouse' box blank.
  • Verify that you entered your e-mail address correctly.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation email after you register, it is probably because you entered an incorrect email address.
  • If a box does not apply, please leave the box blank.
  • If you have friends or children who wish to attend and they are age 20 years old or older, they must register separately.

Contact Information

only if attending


Contact me by:

May we pass on the above information to our Season of Our Joy area coordinators and Leaders so they can organize the various teams of volunteers needed for a successful festival?

Children Information Instructions:

Please list the first names and ages (as of the Festival date) of your children who will be attending with you. Those 20 years old and above (as of the festival date) must register separately.  If your child has a different last name than the one you registered with, please put that name in (parenthesis) after his/her first name.

Notice to Parents:

During the festival various people take pictures of people (including children) and events that happen during the festival. Oftentimes they will submit those pictures to SOOJ to be used in festival related publications or on the SOOJ web site.  Unless you - in a letter or by email - state otherwise, when you press the "Register" button on this page, you are giving Season of Our Joy permission to use those pictures and images for the above stated purposes.


Volunteer Instructions:

There are a number of specific chores and responsibilities that require designated persons who are willing to help in these areas during the festival. This is a partial listing of those areas. If you are interested in serving in any of these areas and would like additional information, just Click on the label next to the button and a box will appear with more information.

Please indicate your desire to serve in a particular area by clicking the button .  You can clear a button by clicking it again.


Final Steps!

We at Season of Our Joy are dedicated to providing both you and ourselves a delightful festival experience. Therefore we ask that you verify that you and your family have read and agree to comply with SOOJ's requirements concerning Dress and Conduct at the festival. If so, please check the 'Dress Code and Conduct' box below.


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Need Help?

If nothing happens after clicking "Register", try clicking your browser's BACK button (not the REFRESH button).
If you have any questions or are having issues filling out the form, email us at

After pressing Register, you should receive an on-screen confirmation as well as an e-mail confirmation.  If you do not receive the on-screen confirmation, check to see that you entered everything correctly and that you checked the required boxes.  If you did receive the on-screen confirmation but did not receive the e-mail confirmation, please check your SPAM folder and verify your email address.

Once you have Registered, please go to our Housing page for instructions as to how to secure housing for this year's festival.