Season of Our Joy

Feast of Tabernacles - 2024

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We are Israel!

… and being a part of Israel means being associated with one of the twelve Israelite tribes. At Season of Our Joy, we want to illustrate that point by dividing all who attend (keeping families together, of course) into twelve 'tribes', then grouping those tribes into 'Camps' in somewhat the same order they would be if camping around the Tabernacle in the wilderness. By placing you in tribes and Camps we hope to promote fun, fellowship, and responsibility by having each Camp participate in various 'chores' during the festival.  Here's why - 

During the festival, the Camp Shiloh staff will be taking care of most of the major household cleanup, but they will be doing so only one time a day.    Because we reserved the entire campground for 8 days, SOOJ is responsible for cleanup rest of the time. Therefore, each Camp will be responsible for one of Four daily chores. Those chores include -

checkmarkCampground / Bathroom Clean-up - sometime in the afternoon, the North Camp will walk throughout the campground to pick up any 'incidental' trash that might be found. In addition, they will check the RV campground bathrooms for cleanliness and correct as needed. If you find items that have lost their owner, please take them to Lost and Found. Historically, with a 6-person crew, this task takes about 20 minutes.

checkmarkSetting up the Conference Center - Before and after each days' "Main Session(s), those in the East Camp will do a quick cleanup of the Conference Center. It usually involves only having to straighten the chairs, picking up the trash and empty coffee cups, and checking the bathrooms for tidyness. Occasionally they will have to clean up a spill. In the event there is a spill during the service, they will assist in cleaning it up as well. On rainy days, they will want to mop the entry door areas of rain being tracked into the building. On days there is a "presentation Dance", one or two  will need to sweep the dance floor area immediatly after the waving of the lulav. Historically, with a 6-person crew, this task takes about 20 minutes.

Note that on the first day of the festival there are two Main Sessions, and on the Sabbath there is a Main Session and a Torah Study. The North Camp's services will be needed at all of those sessions. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the beginning of each Main Session to perform this service.

checkmarkGroup Meal Setup - On the days there is a group meal (which is most days), the South Camp will assist in setting up for the Group Meal. This will involve straitening the tabes & chairs, setting out salt/pepper shakers on the tables assisting, setting out knives, forks, napkins, etc., taking in and setting out the various dishes, keeping drink areas organized, fixing coffee, and helping to serve as necessary. The South Camp's job is done once everyone is eating. Please arrive 30 minutes before the meal is scheduled to begin. Historically, with an 8-person crew, this task takes about 20 minutes.

checkmarkGroup Meal Cleanup - On the days there is a group meal the West Camp will assist in cleaning up after the meal. This includes cleaning up the tables, sweeping and moping as needed, washing serving dishs, utensils, and trays, and generally what it takes to prepared the dining hall for the next meal. Historically, with an 8-person crew, this task takes about 20 minutes.

Each Camp will have a Camp Leader who will determine how many people from his three Tribes it will take to perform the daily tasks. Based on participate in the Tribes program, he may schedule different persons from his Tribes to serve alternating days. It's our hope that no person has to serve more than 4 times during the festival. The Camp Leader will also give instructions in how the task should be done and will show where the necessary supplies may be found.

More Information, including the Layout of the Camps and the chores we need them to do can be found in the Trible Guide.

To find to which tribe you and your family has been assigned, look at the Tribal Assignments. Tribal Assignments.