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Feast of Tabernacles - 2024

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Dress Code 'Cloud'

DRESS CODES - practically everyone has one, but in today's 'anything goes' culture, many are unwilling to admit it. Nevertheless, at any public function, it is still expected that everyone will at least be dressed. After that point, the dress code is simply a question of what the hosts' standard of dress might be.

SOOJ believes that when we observe YHVH's Sabbath or Festivals, we are in fact, coming before His throne. As such, we believe we should be dressed in a way that is fitting for that occasion; and because we invest time and effort into making our main meeting hall 'special' by decorating and organizing it in a way we believe honors God, we request that those who meet with us in that place respect our efforts by dressing accordingly.

We also want to maintain 'shalom' in our festival 'home' for these 8-days, and thus we also have a Code of Conduct that we ask everyone to honor in order to maintain peace in the camp.

With that said, the following is our Dress Code and Code of Conduct:

  • Men and Boys

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    • Please wear slacks or "nice" jeans; a nice "dressy" shirt along with socks and shoes.
    • Optional items: coat, tie, tallit, head covering.
    • Avoid wearing faded, ragged, or torn jeans; shorts, t-shirts, shirts that are not tucked in (unless designed to be worn that way), shirts with writing on them (other than Sukkot related or with an embroidered logo).
    • Dress appropriately and respectfully for the occasion.
    • Men and boys must wear shirts in public.
    • Avoid wearing sleeveless shirts and/or shirts that expose your midriff or chest, short shorts, a tight bathing suit, clothing (including caps) with offensive graphics, clothing that typically pertains only to women.
  • Women and Girls

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    • We prefer that women wear knee length or longer dresses or skirts along with a nice blouse and shoe / sandals.  Nice loose-fitting dress slacks or nice jeans are acceptable as well.
    • Optional Items: coat, tallit, head covering.
    • Avoid wearing tight pants, shorts, t-shirts, shirts with writing on them (other than an embroidered logo), low cut blouses, and blouses that expose the midriff
    • If you are dancing, avoid wearing any blouse that would be revealing if bending over
    • Dress appropriately and respectfully for the occasion.
    • Avoid wearing any "form fitting" dresses, jeans, or shirts. Avoid wearing low cut blouses; blouses that expose the midriff; short skirts; short shorts; two-piece bathing suits; shirts with offensive graphics,
    • If you are dancing, avoid wearing any blouse that would be revealing if bending over
  • Know where your children are at all times (we are camping beside a lake)
  • Cover your alcohol when outside your habitation
  • Observe Quiet Hours (11 PM - 6 AM)
  • SECURELY confine pets to inside or immediately outside your habitation
  • Clean up after pets
  • Strive to be on time for all activities
  • Stand during Praise & Worship if able
  • Have a Happy face!

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