Season of Our Joy

Feast of Tabernacles - 2019



SOOJ Teachers . . .

How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, who proclaims peace, who brings glad tidings of good things, who proclaims salvation, who says to Zion, "Your God reigns!"

NKJ Isaiah 52:7

There are many aspects to the Feast of Tabernacles, and one of the most important is that of receiving encouragement and instruction. Because Hebrew Roots fellowships are rather few and far between, for many people, the festivals - especially the Feast of Tabernacles - are their only opportunity throughout the year to personally receive teaching from a person who understands the Bible from its intended Hebraic point of view.

This year's line-up of speakers includes:

  • Joseph Good

    Joseph Good pic

    Joseph Good is the founder/director of Hatikva Ministries. He has spent the last two decades learning and teaching Hebraic values and concepts, especially in the context of the non-Jew.

  • Dean Wheelock

    Dean Wheelock pic

    Dean and Susan Wheelock are the founders and publishers of Hebrew Roots, a free publication dedicated to exploring the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith.  Dean writes from 'Beit Shalom', his quaint little home on 'the river' in the woods of northern Wisconsin.

  • Derek Kyle

    Derek Kyle pic

    Derek and Kari Kyle are facilitators for a small Torah study group in West Texas. Derek’s focus centers around the historical context of the time in which the Scriptures were recorded and the subtleties and nuances of the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts.

  • Tim Kelley

    Tim Kelley pic

    Tim Kelley, along with his wife Angie, are the fellowship leaders of the Ami Yisrael Hebraic Fellowship in Longview, Texas and are the co-founders of Season of Our Joy.

In the days to come, The Mount of the LORD's House shall stand firm above the mountains and tower above the hills; and all the nations shall gaze on it with joy. And the many peoples shall go and say: "Come, Let us go up to the Mount of the LORD, To the House of the God of Jacob; That He may instruct us in His ways, And that we may walk in His paths." For instruction shall come forth from Zion, The word of the LORD from Jerusalem.

TNK Isaiah 2:2-3

From its inception, SOOJ has been blessed with numerous knowledgeable and dedicated teachers who have been willing to share their understanding of basic Hebrew concepts with those who are hungry for the Word of God. Many of those teachers had no formal seminary background, but simply had something they thought would be beneficial and asked to be able to share it.

Speaking Opportunities . . .

SOOJ provides many teaching opportunities during the 8-day festival. Besides the daily 'Main' sessions, there are 'Break-Out' sessions, 'Midnight Midrashim', opportunities to teach the teens in a 'midrash - type setting, and craft opportunities for children.

Main Session Speakers - provide instruction and encouragement by bringing out the message of the festival and the Kingdom of God as well as 'theme-specific' teachings that help those in attendance understand the purpose and blessings of the Hebraic walk.   These are 1 hour sessions plus 15 minutes of Q&A afterwards.

Break-Out Session Speakers - - provide insight into a specific topic or skill.  Examples of Break-Out sessions include how to use a specific Bible resource tool, how to tie tzit-tzit, or how you came up with a specific understanding of a Biblical topic or verse.  These are 1 hour sessions plus 15 minutes of Q&A afterwards.

Midrash Leaders - moderate a discussion of a specific Bible topic or a number of Bible topics. He may have a topic in mind he would like to discuss, or may just take questions in order to get the conversation started.

Teen Midrash and Children's Crafts / Activity - If you have a topic or idea for a children's activity and would be willing to 'make it happen', we would love to hear from you.