Lulavim - Each morning of the festival, we use Lulavim (the traditional use of the Four Species) during our daily Praise and Worship session.  Because many people don't have a Lulav, we provide a number of "community lulavim" so that everyone can participate in the service.  We use palm branches, myrtles, and "etrogs" (actually large lemons) that are purchased by SOOJ.  The willows are cut and gathered on site.

Making the lulavim is a two-step process:

Gather the Willows - Willows are quite prevalent in East Texas and normally grow along creeks, streams, and ponds.  We will need a large pickup truck load of branches for decorations and for the lulavim.  They must arrive by noon on the day the festival begins.

Tie the Lulavim - this process takes about two hours.  An 'assembly line" is set up where some people gather the different items (willows, myrtles, and palms) from the boxes they were shipped in and put them in the pattern boards supplied by SOOJ.  Others actually do the tying, while still others gather the completed lulavim and put them in the collection vases. The tying process takes about two hours and is a great time to socialize.

Someone with a pickup truck is needed to gather the willows.  Other than that, small snips and scissors are the only other tools needed. SOOJ can provide these if you need.

This is a good job for older teens and young adults who want to meet each other.