Havdalah Leader - At SOOJ, we promote the value of following certain traditions that might enhance the joy of a Torah centered lifestyle.  On of those traditions is that of "setting apart" the Sabbath from the rest of the week by officially closing the Sabbath.

We are not necessarily concerned whether your practice  precisely follows the Jewish tradition.  Instead, we want to see what you do in your home to make the Sabbath a joy for your family.

If you in some way follow the Jewish tradition of Havdalah (separation) to set apart the Sabbath, and you would like to share your tradition with us, we welcome you to do so. 

We will be closing Shabbat "as a group" at the end of the weekly Sabbath as well as annual sabbaths.  It's our tradition at SOOJ to close the Sabbath at sundown.  Though you may wish to wait till later to begin the new week, you are still welcome to share your tradition with us.   If you would like to perform this service, you will need to bring your own candles and other items.