Feast of Tabernacles 2018 .  .  .

Sunday Evening, September 23 - Monday, October 1

Ami Yisrael LogoAmi Yisrael is a small Hebraic ministry located in Hawkins, Texas.  Founded by Tim and Angie Kelley, the ministry is dedicated to learning and teaching about the God of Israel and Yeshua (Jesus), His anointed,  In February 2005 Tim and Angie began the Ami Yisrael Hebraic Fellowship, a weekly Sabbath Bible study in the Gladewater, Texas area.  The Ami Yisrael Fellowship is instrumental in bringing the East Texas area's like-minded believers together through our weekly Bible studies, Hebrew and Dance classes, and periodic seminars. Ami Yisrael meets practically every Sabbath to read and discuss the words of God, including the Torah (the Law), the prophets, and the Apostolic scriptures (the New Testament).  We believe that a person cannot truly understand the Bible, especially the Apostolic scriptures, without a good understanding of the Torah, the Hebrew culture, and the culture of the first century Jewish people.

As part of our outreach efforts, Ami Yisrael Ministry organizes and sponsors a number of Hebraic Seminars as part of our Hebraic Concepts Seminar Series.  Some or our past Seminars include:

In addition to the above seminars, our fellowship occasionally sponsors seminars in our area presented by Hebraic-minded speakers such as:

Ami Yisrael  Ministry believes and teaches that:

For more information about the Ami Yisrael Ministry , go to our web site www.amiyisrael.org

Ami Yisrael is not affiliated with any church group, denomination, or corporate entity.