Break-Out Session Recording - Much of the cost of the festival is offset thru the sale of recorded messages made at the festival.  Not only is it important for SOOJ to provide meaningful messages while you are at the festival, we want to also make those messages available to those who cannot attend the festival with us.

Therefore, we have an extensive program designed to record and copy the messages so they can be available for purchase in our Resource Room as well as on our web site at the conclusion of the festival.

Break-Out sessions are recorded digitally using small IC recorders.  The files are later transferred to a central computer where the mp3 files are transferred to CD's.  The mp3 files are later put on the SOOJ website.

The leader in this area will be responsible for recording all the breakout sessions. He/She will also be responsible for training and scheduling his staff, thus spreading out the work load.

 The process is not hard and can be easily taught.  Two people are usually required to make sure the speakers have their recorder and microphone, and to make sure they actually start recording before speaking.  These persons also need to collect the recorders after each session.  The leader will also need to collect all the recorders and transfer the files to their computer and then give the files to the media copying person.

Below are the volunteer positions available in this area: