Feast of Tabernacles 2018 .  .  .

Sunday Evening, September 23 - Monday, October 1

Sukkot Articles, CD's, and DVD's

from the SOOJ Speakers

Season of Our Joy is pleased to be able to offer recordings of the previous year's festival presentations.  Along with the recordings, we have the PowerPoint presentations for selected teachings.  For most of the presentations, a synopsis of the topic is available by clicking on the title of the teaching.  Feel free to download any teaching and PowerPoint.  If you'd like a CD or DVD of the presentation, please email your request (see the Contact Us page).  There is a nominal charge for CD's and DVD's.


Though Season of Our Joy does believe that all of the speakers have insight into the scripture that might add to your spiritual growth, we do not necessarily agree with or endorse everything they teach - either verbally, in writing, or on their own websites. Nevertheless, we understand maturity and the importance of working together when we can agree upon fundamental principles of unity.

Therefore, it is important that you weigh all that a speaker says or writes against the Bible before accepting it as 'truth'.

Sukkot 2017 Messages
Title (click on name for synopsis) MP3 PP
J. Good - Where was the Temple Located?  
J. Good - Determining the Location of the Temple  
J. Good - The Water Pouring Ceremony
T. Kelley - Dust of the Rabbi  
D. Kyle - Who Followed Yeshua?  
D. Kyle - It's About Time  
J. Merritt - Follow Me  
J. Merritt - Follow Me-Really  
D. Wheelock - Tomorrow's Hope  
D. Wheelock - River of Life  
D. Wheelock - Abraham's Math  
Sukkot 2015 Messages
Title (click on name for synopsis) MP3 PP
M. Bacon - Got M & M's?    
D. Brady - A Home for God  
E. Chumney - When is the Year of Jubilee?
E. Chumney - Kingship and Birthright    
J. Duran - Akiba - Counterfeit King Maker    
J. Duran - Akiba - Counterfeit Faith Maker    
T. Eltrich - This Life, Death, and Resurrection  
T. Eltrich - Hope for Our Youth    
G. Fussenegger - Foundations of Government    
G. Fussenegger - Restoration of the Judges    
J. Good - Fall Festivals and Kingdom of God
J. Good - Messianic Kingdom Temple & Nassi    
J. Good - Six Days and Then    
J. Greenberg - Prepping! Biblical or Lack of Faith    
Y. Hoos - Directions From Heaven    
D. Hoover - Yeshua Shamayim    
D. Kappler - Build and Ark  
D. Kappler - Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Synagogue    
T. Kelley - God's Coming Kingdom  
D. Kyle - They Kingdom Come - It's Not What You Think  
E. Leisure - the 8th Day: A New Age  
T. Leurquin - Choosing Life    
D. McKown - Sounds of the Shofar    
P. Nison - Street Preaching  
P. Nison - The Patience of Yahweh    
R. Norman - Being at Peace with Each Other    
R. Norman - Lawsuit Protection & Homosexuals    
K. Porth - Second Exodus Living Part 1    
K. Porth - Second Exodus Living Part 2    
A. Teixeira - Life Must Have Been Tough    
J. Tovsen - Foreshadowing the Kingdom, One New Moon to the Next    
M. Weiss - Mentors    
D. Wheelock - The Kingdom Mystery  
D. Wheelock - Hoshanna Rabba - the Kingdom Fountain  
D. Wheelock - Hanukkah and Sukkot    
Sukkot 2014 Messages
Title (click on name for synopsis) MP3 PP
M. Bacon - Future and Hope - Pt 3  
M. Bacon - Future and Hope - the 8th Day  
R. Beitel - Everyday Essential Oils
S.Campau-Beginners Guide To Flag Dance  
E. Chumney - Love_The Heart of the Torah  
T. Eltrich - Seek Peace And Pursue It  
D. Garland - A Parent's Blessing  
J. Good - The Highest Form of Worship  
J. Good-When/Where Judah / Israel Meet  
J. Good - Widows & Orphans  
S. Greek - Peace from Eden to N. Korea  
S. Greek - Discovering Stewardship  
S. Greek - Exchanging Perspective - What I Hope My Grandparents Share  
S. Greek-Rejoice? Hunger For Joy  
J. Greenberg - Preparation  
D. Grieve - Sound in the House of Worship  
Y. Hoos - Liturgy of the World to Come  
Y. Hoos- OK To Be Different  
T. Hoover- the Forgotten Gifts  
C. Kane-Seeking Harmony in the Home  
D. Kappler - Church of the Inner Springs  
D. Kappler- Is Hebrews Kosher?  
T. Kelley - Peace with No End  
T. Kelley - Put Your Best Foot Forward  
D. Kyle-Foundations Part 1
D. Kyle-Foundations Part 2
D. Kyle - When They Want to Use Romans 13 Against You
E. Leisure - Identifying the Old Covenant  
E. Liesure - Resolve Scriptural Differences  
D. McKown - Blowing the Shofar  
L. Miller - the Copernicus Syndrome  
L. Miller-Do You Really Want Shalom  
K. Murray-Moses & Elijah Part 1  
K. Murray-Moses & Elijah Part 2  
R. Norman - Dream Interpretation P1  
R. Norman - Dream Interpretation P2  
M. Peebles - Shalom After Lashon Hara  
K. Porth - Return of Ephraim P1  
K. Porth - Return of Ephraim P2  
S. Rees - America's 7000 Prayer Initiative  
S. Rees - Frequencies  
S. Rees - God's Power Lines  
J. Rousseau - To Shave or Not to Shave  
J. Tovsen - Marking Time by New Moons  
J. Tovsen - Trees of Restoration  
D. Wheelock - Occupy 'Til I Come  
D. Wheelock - the Real Look of Love  
Sukkot 2013 Messages
Title (click on name for synopsis) MP3 PP
M. Bacon - Future and Hope - Pt 1    
M. Bacon - Future and Hope - Pt 2    
D. Brady - Avot (Fathers)  
D. Brady - Torah Study  
D. Brady - Kodeshim - A Holy People  
A. Bridges - Discovering Wellness  
C. Bridges - Mathematics of Daniel  
T&S Campau - Effective Prayer  
T&S Campau - 7 Ways to Garden Greener  
S. Campau - Taking Dance Home  
G. Dose - Eating From the Other Tree  
G. Dose - Brethren Behind Bars - Prison  
B. Dunn - When You Come Together
T. Eltrich -Torah - Is There an App?  
G. Fussenegger - Righteous Judging Pt 1  
G. Fussenegger - Righteous Judging Pt 2  
D. Garrison - Why Learn Hebrew  
D. Garrison - Hebrew Word Picture  
M. Gellings - Life Abundant  
J. Good - Men/Women:Husbands/Wives  
J. Good - What is Kedusha  
J. Good - Psalms of the Temple  
J. Greenberg - SOOJ Liturgy Sampling  
D. Grieve - Water Pouring Play  
Y. Adam - Repentance & Restitution  
C. Kane - A Peaceful Home  
K. Kane - From Anger to Blessing  
D. Kappler - Torah in the Workplace  
D. Kappler - Making Friends with Galatians  
D. Keesee - Institutions vs. Relationships  
T. Kelley - Perfect Husbands  
T. Kelley - It Takes a Village  
T. Kelley - Standing at the Gates  
D. Kyle - High Cost of Living in Babylon  
D. Kyle - High Cost of a Divided House
K. Kyle - Women of Influence  
E. Leisure - Torah Changes in Sinai  
R. McKown - Praying for Our Wives  
R. McKown - A Time to Live, A Time to Die  
J. Merritt - Our Children; Hope & Promise  
J. Merritt - The Amidah  
L. Miller - Welcome to the Festival  
L. Miller - The Plan of the Ages  
L. Miller - The State of the Dead: Hell?  
L. Miller - Genesis Again - the 8th Day  
P. Nison - Health According to the Bible  
P. Nison - Modesty According to the Bible    
R. Norman - King Arthur & Hebrew Roots  
D .Olinger - Being Single and Messianic  
M. Roth - Forward to the Future  
J. Tovsen - New Moons & Messianic Walk  
D. Wheelock - It Takes the Body  
D. Wheelock - Promises to Keep  
D. Wheelock - Jacob's Appointed Times  
Sukkot 2012 Messages
Title (click on name for synopsis) MP3 PP
M. Bacon - 7 C's of Christian Compatibility  
D. Brady - Standing on Our Shoulders  
A. Bridges - the Power of Essential Oils  
E. Chumney - Signs of the Tribulation  
E. Chumney - Sukkot & the Cloud of Glory  
G. Dose - Genetically Modified World  
T. Eltrich - Rescued from Wrath to Come  
A Gieselman - Unpardonable Sin  
J. Good - Lessons On Prayer  
J. Good - Mirror of the Past  
J. Good - Terminology of the Festivals  
J. Greenberg - Liturgy, Upbeat Worship  
D.Grieve - The Water Pouring Ceremony    
L. Johnson - Equipping the Saints  
D. Keesee - God's Appointed Times  
T. Kelley - His Hand is Not Shortened  
T. Kelley - Opening Night Comments  
D. Kyle - Yeshua Not Messiah ben David  
K. Kyle - Modesty & Messianic Woman  
E. Leisure - Golden Calf - the Effects  
M. Mastropaulo - 4 Questions to Consider  
D. McKown - Shofars  
D. McKown - Women's Luncheon  
R. McKown - Discipleship - Hear and Obey  
R. McKown - Fruit of the Spirit  
L. Miller - 8th Day - Fair Opportunity
L. Miller - Employment Opportunities  
L. Miller - Sabbath In the Plan of God  
B. Scott - Sukkot - the Field and Words
B. Scott - Halakhah and Aggadah P1
B. Scott - Halakhah and Aggadah P2  
B. Scott - Hoshanna Raba  
D. Wheelock - Entering the Kingdom  
D. Wheelock - Making Peace  
D. Wheelock - The Torah Will Go Forth
Sukkot 2011 Messages
Title (click on name for synopsis) MP3 PP
L. Blair - Biblical Gardening  
E. Chumney - What is Biblical Zion
E. Chumney - Sukkot and the Shekinah
E. Chumney - Current Events and Prophecy
R. Cortes - The Threshold Covenant    
R. Cortes - Covenant of the Pieces
R. Cortes - House of Hillel & Shammai
T. Eltrich - End Time Perspective - Luke 21
T. Eltrich - First Things First
J. Good - Search for Ark of Covenant
J. Good - Non-Jews, Israel, and Torah
J. Good - Return of Israel and the Amidah
J. Greenberg - Liturgy, Upbeat Worship
A. Kelley - Joy and History of the Dance
T. Kelley - Understanding SOOJ
T. Kelley - Rivers of Living Water
E. Leisure -Tithing Before and After Levi
E. Leisure -Grasping the New Covenant
M. Mastropaulo-Take Heed
M. Mastropaulo-Useful Information
D. McKown - Why Blow the Shofar?
R. McKown - Hearing the Voice of YHVH
R. McKown - Living a More Fulfilling Life    
R. Memmi - The Journey of Firstfruits - P2
J. Merritt - Restoring the Planet
J. Merritt - Resurrection of Judgment
L. Miller - I'm Here - What's Next?
L. Miller - Speed Bumps - Avoiding Them
L. Miller - First 200 Years
M. Roth - Welcome to the Festival
J. Rousseau - What is Your Body Telling
K. Rousseau - Money Changes Everything
S. Uhing - Why Do I Circle Dance?    
S. Uhing - Love; Bond of Perfection
D. Wheelock - WDTLROY
D. Wheelock -Testimony of Yeshua
D. Wheelock - The Forgotten Festival
Sukkot 2010 Messages
Title (click on name for synopsis) MP3 PP
M. Bacon - Fruits of the Festivals
M. Bacon - Tithing-Are You Being Taken
S. Campau - Stewardship-Biblical View
E. Chumney - Israel/PLO Peace Process
E. Chumney - Who is the House of Jacob?
E. Chumney - The Elijah Ministry
T. Derstine - Tabernacling in Heaven
T. Derstine - Day of Judgment
T. Eltrich  - Come Out of Her My People
S. Fronczak - The Proverbs 31 Woman
J. Good - Yom haKahal -Day of Judgment
J. Good - The Need for Community
J. Good - Jealousy of Judah
J. Greenberg - Liturgy, Upbeat Worship
A. Hoy - Shaken Heavens
T. Kelley - Water Pouring Ceremony
D. Kyle - History of Proselytism in Israel
E. Leisure - 8th Day
M. Mastropaulo-Values and Priorities
M. Matthews-Preparedness
R. Memmi  - The Malchisedek Priesthood
R. Memmi - The Journey of Firstfruits
J. Merritt - Grafted In . . .
J. Merritt - And All Israel Shall Be Saved
J. Merritt - History of Prayer / Synagogue
B. Michael - To the Jew First
B. Michael - Retro-Translating the NT
L. Miller - Grafted In, What It Means?
L. Miller - Grafted In in the 1st Century
L. Miller - Hebrew Roots Scripture Project
B. Teixeira - Does God Care What We Eat
S. Uhing - Lessons From the Sukkah
D. Wheelock - Hinei Ma Tov
D. Wheelock - Face to Face
Sukkot 2009 Messages
Title (click on name for synopsis) MP3 PP
B. Bishop - Judah-Tamar Prophecy
B. Bishop - Spiritual Warfare in Tnakh
S. Campau - Flag and Banner Worship    
S. Campau - Taking Dance Home
E. Chumney - Yeshua In the Torah
E. Chumney - Completion of the Task
E. Chumney - The Rabbis and Ten Tribes
E. Chumney - Two Houses in the NT
T. Derstine - Believers Return to Israel?
T. Derstine - Are We Living in 5769?
M. Fronczak - Messianic Apostleship
M. Fronczak - Pattern in Prophecy
J. Good - Amidah of Return
J. Good - Red Heifer and Prophecy
J. Good - Yeshua and Prophecy
J. Greenberg - Liturgy - Fun and Worship
J. Greenberg - Intro to Torah Scroll
E. Leisure - What Does He Mean-Be Holy
M. Mastropaolo - The Spring Feast
R. McKown - SOOJ 101
D. McKown - Blow the Shofar
R. Memmi - What is Salvation Pt. 1
R. Memmi - What is Salvation Pt. 2
J. Merritt - The First Word
J. Merritt - The Heavens Declare the Glory    
B. Michael - Investing Torah Principles
B. Michael - Lord of the House
B. Michael - Shalom in the Home
B. Michael - Come to the Home
A. Michael - Women's Luncheon
L. Miller - Heavens Prepare the Way
L. Miller - Jurisdiction - the Sequel
L. Miller - Who Holds Aaron's Rod Today    
L. Miller - Praise and Worship Realities
D. Wheelock - Going Home
D. Wheelock - River of Life
D. Wheelock - Mixed Origins