Feast of Tabernacles 2017 .  .  .

Wednesday Evening, October 4 - Thursday, October 12

What is Season of Our Joy?

an Overview of the SOOJ Festival Site

Season of Our Joy (SOOJ) is a "Hebrew Roots" oriented Feast of Tabernacles site located in northeast Texas.  It was founded in 1999 as a means by which those who were turning to the Hebraic walk could enjoy the input of a wide range of teachers who shared similar beliefs but with varying details on those beliefs.  That first year SOOJ pretty much resembled a seminar.  In fact, many were drawn simply because of the teachers, but that is no longer the case.  Though having the opportunity to hear from gifted speakers is still important to us, Season of Our Joy is no longer a seminar.  Over the years, activities were added that were catered to differing age groups and SOOJ soon became an 8-day "family" event filled with joy for the entire household.<see History>

We now consider SOOJ to be an opportunity for the people of God to observe the Biblically mandated festival in a way that (we hope) is pleasing to God.  The scriptures provide little in regards to instructions in how we are to observe the festival. In fact, much of what we are instructed to do, we simply cannot do today.  So at SOOJ, we do what we can do - have convocations (meetings), build sukkahs, and worship before God using the four species of plants . . . and we do so with great joy and "as a people".  For those who are new to the festivals, we try to explain what we're doing either on this web site, during a teaching session, or just prior to the first instance of the event.

Because the scriptures instruct us to be "filled with joy", we want to help "fill your joy", and one way we do so is to avoid springing surprises, or should we say - "disappointments" - on you.  We want you to enjoy your time at the festival, but we know we cannot please all the people all the time.  Therefore, we do all we can to let you know what to expect at SOOJ.  One way we do this is through this web site.AmiYisrael Logo  The other way is to be organized. Being that we have observed the festivals since 1969 as part of the World-Wide Church of God, and have operated a business with numerous employees since 1982, we understood the value of being organized.  But we also know that too much organization can be stifling.  Thus our goal is to provide enough organized activities to satisfy the needs of those who want to learn, want to serve, or just always want to be busy, while at the same time, not have so many activities that those who just want to relax at the festival can do so without feeling guilty because they missed something.

In order to satisfy both needs, our daily schedule is typically filled with two or three events that we hope everyone will attend (Main Speaking Sessions, special presentations, and late afternoon or evening "group" activities) as well as "optional" activities such as Break Out "teaching" sessions, group Deuteronomy readings, and children's programs. No one takes roll, nor does anyone go through the campground to check on those who don't attend an event.  We do however, expect you to avoid organizing anything that would tempt others from attending one of our "main" scheduled events.

For your benefit, we put most every event on our activity schedule so you will know when it starts as well as when it is are supposed to end.  We try very hard to stick to our schedule - both start times and ending times. 

From the beginning, it has been our desire to help others who might want to start their own festival site in their own locale.  We believe that everyone should be observing the Biblical festivals, so it furthers our desire if there is a festival site in every region of the country.  We have found that whenever you have a yearly festival in the same location, people - especially those local to the festival site - tend to come together at other times during the year as well, and eventually build fellowships and congregations.  For that reason, we decided that after the festival in 2015, we would take a year off and visit another festival site, then the next year (2017) continue SOOJ, but in a different way . . . in east Texas; as a much smaller group; and as part of the Ami Yisrael Fellowship.  We hope you will join us as we celebrate "the Feast" - the Season of Our Joy.

Season of Our Joy is an outreach function of the Ami Yisrael Fellowship.
The SOOJ leaders freely give of their time and talents.

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