Feast of Tabernacles 2018 .  .  .

Sunday Evening, September 23 - Monday, October 1

the Season of Our Joy Organizational Staff

Season of Our Joy is staffed 100% by volunteers who give their time and expertise to making sure you have a beneficial and enjoyable festival experience.  Come meet our staff . . .

Tim and Angie Kelley Picture
Tim and Angie Kelley
- began their Torah based lifestyle in their early teens as part of a large Sabbath observant church organization.  In 1995, the then-current leaders of that church set out to dismantle all that the founder had established, and by so doing, destroyed the organization.  This led to Tim and Angie leaving that organization and subsequently getting interested in the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith.  Since that time, they have sponsored and co-sponsored numerous seminars designed to teach others in the Christian community about their Hebrew roots and the joy that comes from living a Torah-based lifestyle.  They focus on becoming disciples of Messiah Yeshua and teaching His message of the restoration of the Kingdom of God.

In 2005 they started their own ministry - Ami Yisrael - for the purpose of teaching what they have learned over the years in their Bible studies.  That same year, they started a Sabbath Torah study that they call "the Ami Yisrael Fellowship"  Their ministry web site is www.amiyisrael.org.

Tim and Angie own a small custom cabinet business (www.woodmillcabinets.com) near their home from which he is semi-retired and she does the bookkeeping.  Tim enjoys working around the house, flying airplanes, and taking evening walks with his wife of 36 years and their puppy dog "Caleb". Angie loves her garden and playing with the grandchildren.

Tim and Angie have been the sponsors and principle organizers of the Season of Our Joy Festival since 1999.  Their main responsibilities include securing the speakers, leading and organizing the Dance, and making the arrangements with the host facility.

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Beginning in the fall of 2016, all other aspects the Season of Our Joy festival site are under the direction of the Ami Yisrael Fellowship SOOJ Committee.