Feast of Tabernacles 2018 .  .  .

Sunday Evening, September 23 - Monday, October 1

Sukkot Speakers

The Season of Our Joy festival site is unique in many ways.  Some of those ways concern our speakers and the speaking arrangements.  We are not a church, nor are we affiliated with any particular church organization. Thus we are able to have speakers who challenge our thoughts concerning God, His ways, and the future Messianic Kingdom.  Since the speakers are not paid they are free from church dogma and are thus able to bring information that may be somewhat "out of the box" and sometimes present it in a somewhat unusual way.  Some may say that speaker holding sign this is not "safe" - that having teachers who are not confined to a certain theology could invite the adversary to infiltrate.  We reject that view since we've seen the adversary infiltrate highly structured organizations that have very precise doctrines, and lead many, if not most, of the "sheep" away. 

SOOJ Speakers for 2017 include:
  • Dean Wheelock - 'Hebrew Roots' Magazine
  • Dr. John Merritt
  • Joseph Good - Hatikva Ministries
  • Derek Kyle
  • Tim Kelley - Ami Yisrael Ministry
  • Darren Brady
  • . . . and more!
Our belief is that it's more safe to broaden the theological spectrum, thus creating a environment where the audience is actually challenged to "check these things out".  By so doing, the audience is more equipped to face the challenges of the adversary than they would be if they were only exposed to "spoon-fed religion".
Nevertheless, we are concerned about those who are "new" to the walk.  Therefore, we make the speakers accountable to the audience by providing a minimal set of requirements for both the speakers and the audience so that those who are more "seasoned" may be able to provide a cover for those who are new.  These requirements are that:

SOOJ is a growing program.  We are always looking for those who would like to share their Biblical studies and findings.  If you would like to serve in that area, let us know.

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2017 SOOJ Speakers

Dean Wheelock Dean Wheelock - and his wife Susan are the founders and publishers of Hebrew Roots, a free publication dedicated to exploring the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith.  In addition to the publication itself, Dean has produced many teaching messages which are available on cassette tape and Compact Disk (CD).  After a long association with more traditional Christian teachings, Dean & Susan began their movement toward the Hebraic roots of the faith beginning in the very early 1990s.  Following two life-changing trips to Israel, they came to understand and embrace the Hebraic roots of the faith.  Hebrew Roots has a circulation of about 3000, many of whom are prisoners.

John Merritt John Merritt - is a medical doctor from Tampa, Florida. He is a practicing physician, researcher and teacher. He has served as a Professor at the Mayo Clinic, the University of California, Irvine, at the Medical College of Wisconsin and most recently at the University of South Florida. He is medical advisor to the Stay in Step Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Center in Tampa. He and wife Marcie and family have attended the Season of Our Joy intermittently for over a 16 year period. This is John & Marcie's 48th Sukkot celebration. John & Marcie have been active in many Messianic Jewish Synagogues, currently with Living Waters Messianic Fellowship in Spring Lake, Florida. They are members of the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America. Among their five children are three medical doctors, a business manager and a nurse. They have 8 grandchildren. They are looking forward to joining the Season of Our Joy family once again this year.

Derek Kyle Derek Kyle - and his wife Kari Ann are facilitators for a small Torah study group in West Texas. They both met and were married at Season of Our Joy and have continued in that tradition ever since. Derek’s focus in his presentations center around the historical context of the time in which the Scriptures were recorded and the subtlety’s and nuances of the Hebrew and Greek manuscripts. Kari’s focus is centered around the restoration of the biblical model of marriage and the restoration of Torah pursuant families.

Tim Kelley Tim Kelley - and his wife Angie are founders of the Ami Yisrael Hebraic Fellowship, a Torah and Messiah based fellowship that meets each Sabbath in Longiew, Texas.  They are also the co-founders and principle organizers of the Season of Our Joy Festival.  In 1995 Tim became interested in discovering the Hebrew roots of Christianity.  Since then, he and Angie have co-sponsored numerous seminars designed to teach others about their Hebraic roots and the joy that comes from living a Torah-based lifestyle.  Angie's passion is Hebraic dance, and she teaches and leads dance at both SOOJ and our local fellowship.

Joseph Good Joseph Good – and his wife Debbie are the founder/directors of Hatikva Ministries. Joe has spent the last two decades learning and teaching Hebraic values and concepts, especially in the context of the non-Jew. His recent projects include very detailed research of the Temple from traditional Jewish, historical and archaeological sources. Joseph’s programs feature his knowledge for the non-Jew and will include some of the highlights of his diverse research in the near future. Joseph can be seen via the Internet on Arba 4  (Arba4.com), in his program "HaSha’arim - The Gates.”

Darren Brady Darin Brady - was pastor of a local messianic congregation for over 12 years and was a frequent guest speaker on the local TV program “A Call to Worship.” As a cohen coming from an interfaith family, he lives a life dedicated to the study and teaching of God’s word and regularly speaks at churches of all denominations as a Bible teacher. He has been a frequent contributor to Rejoice magazine and developed Bible school curriculum for Great Commissions Publications.