Feast of Tabernacles 2018 .  .  .

Sunday Evening, September 23 - Monday, October 1

How Can You Become a Season of Our Joy Speaker?

Since its beginning, SOOJ has been blessed with an abundance of knowledgeable and inspiring speakers - men and women who are dedicated to this walk and are willing to share their studies with us.  Never-the-less, we are always looking to broaden our base of understanding.  Thus we seek out men and women who have a good understanding of what YHVH is doing with His people,  and who can formulate what they've learned into a clear and concise teaching.  Though it's nice when a speaker's topic agrees in principle with the thinking of the organizers, it's not a criteria for being a speaker. Yet, in order to avoid confusion, we do not permit anyone to speak unless he/she -

In most cases, speakers are chosen from within the ranks of those who have attended the SOOJ festivalmain session speaker in the past, and who are already planning to attend SOOJ this year.  We do this so that the speaker is familiar with what we do, familiar with the audience, and because we are not looking for speakers who are only attending so they can speak.  In addition, we choose speakers who have proven to be dedicated to observing the Torah and thus attend the festivals regularly, though not necessarily with SOOJ.  We are more interested in teachers who are grounded in the Hebraic walk than in those who may have a lot of theological knowledge. 

While most speakers have not been "invited" to speak, there are cases where a speaker is asked to speak because the SOOJ leadership has heard him speak either at a conference, at a local presentation, or on his web site.

Our Main Sessions and Break-Out Sessions are for the purpose of providing information relevant to the Hebrew walk, and are not to be used to advertise or lead any person to sign up for, or to support a particular ministry or business.  In most cases FREE information may be handed out, but in no case should a teacher solicit personal information or funds from the audience.  Anything that a speaker might want to sell should be made available in the SOOJ Marketplace.

SOOJ is not a seminar, and thus the range of acceptable topics is somewhat narrow.  In our Main Sessions we like to focus on subjects related to the Festival of Sukkot, the Messianic Kingdom, and how one's walk affects a person's ability to make the journey.  Main Session speakers are often asked to speak within the broad context of our festival 'theme'.  In some case, we may ask you to speak on a specific topic that will help reinforce the 'theme'.  Break-Out session speakers are given more latitude and oftentimes deal with "Christian Living" type subjects.  Unless Q & A is a part of the presentation, all speakers are required to take questions after their message is completed (generally 15 minutes of Q&A for Main Sessions; 10 minutes for BO sessions).

ALL speakers must avoid teaching on these four "off limits" topics. They are:

  1. the nature of God, i.e.- How is the "godhead" comprised.
  2. the "proper" way to determine the calendar (rabbinic, moon sightings, conjunction, equinox, etc.)
  3. kashrut laws (other than the clear directives found in Lev. 11 and Deut. 14
  4. the Sacred Name (you may use it, but you may not teach how it "must" be spoken, or whether is may or may not be spoken)

These topics are deemed to be divisive and detract from the JOY of the festival.  In addition, they are too big to properly deal with in one hour.  Speakers must also avoid correcting a previous speaker or his message, and he must avoid correcting the audience, since those in the audience are not his "flock", and he is not their pastor or rabbi.

If you would like to become a speaker, you should:

We are pleased that you're interested in becoming an SOOJ speaker.   We look forward to hearing from you.