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Sunday Evening, September 27- Monday, October 5

Sukkot Registration 2015

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Season of Our Joy does not have a registration fee, but everyone is required to Register!

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May we pass on the above information to our Season of Our Joy area coordinators and Leaders so they can organize the various teams of volunteers needed for a successful festival?

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Please list the first names and ages (as of the Festival date) of your children who will be attending with you. Those 20 years old and above (as of the festival date) must register separately.

Volunteer Categories

This is a partial listing of the areas we'll need help.  Double-Click on a RED label and more information will pop up.  Please indicate your desire to serve in a particular area by clicking the button under either Helper or Leader.  You can clear a button by clicking the button next to it.  If this is your first time to attend SOOJ, or if you are physically unable to serve in any area, you may opt out of this requirement after clicking the 'Register' button.

Pre-Feast Setup / Post-Feast Packing
Helper Leader Category Helper Leader Category
Auditorium Stage Technical Equipment (A/V)
Auditorium Seating Auditorium Decorations
Meeting & Resource Rooms Willow Gathering & Lulavim
Outside Props
Main & Breakout Sessions
Helper Leader Category Helper Leader Category
Sound Mixer (Worship Service) Sound Mixer (Teaching Sessions)
Recording (Main Sessions) Recording (Break Out Sessions)
Video Director PowerPoint Computer Operator
Camera Operator Activity PA and Recording
Q & A Mic Handler CD / DVD Duplicating
Stage Maintenance Break Out Room Maintenance
Teaching, Music, and Dance
Helper Leader Category Helper Leader Category
Deuteronomy Reading Leader Torah Study Leader
Band Singer
Liturgy Teacher/Leader Dance Instructor
Kiddush Leader (Open Sabbath) Men's Dance Instructor
Havdalah Leader (Close Sabbath) Women's Luncheon Speaker
Children's Program Teen Program
Single's Program Speaker (Teen Program)
Food Service and Meals
Helper Leader Category Helper Leader Category
Opening Session Coffee Service
Hamburger Dinner
Other Areas of Service
Helper Leader Category Helper Leader Category
Photography Resource Room
Registration Childcare Room
Lost and Found SOOJ Orientation Guide

Season of Our Joy has photographers taking pictures of the various SOOJ sponsored functions and activities throughout the festival, and they might include your image or the image of your family members (including children) in those pictures.  Some of these pictures might later be used on our website or in SOOJ publications.  Unless you - in writing or by email - state otherwise, when you press the "Register" button on this page, you are giving Season of Our Joy permission to use those pictures and images for the above stated purposes.   See the box on the right > > >.

Final Steps!

The Season of Our Joy Staff wants to insure that you are fully familiar with our Conduct and Appropriate Dress requirements. Before clicking the Register button, make sure you have:

  1. Completely familiarized yourself and your family with SOOJ's requirements concerning Conduct at the festival, and you agree to abide by them while at the festival. (Click Here to Read)
  2. Completely familiarized yourself and your family with SOOJ's requirements concerning Appropriate Dress at the festival, and you agree to abide by them while at the festival. (Click Here to Read)
  3. Completely familiarized yourself with Windermere's rules, including their "No Alcohol" policy, and you agree to abide by them. (Click Here to Read)
  4. Read the Registration Overview page and have completed the first three steps of the process listed on that page.  (Click Here to Read)
  5. Followed the instructions concerning how to fill out this form.   See the instructions at the top-right of this page.

If you are in compliance with the above five steps, then check the box below.


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Need Help?

If nothing happens after clicking "Register", try clicking your browser's BACK button (not the REFRESH button).
If you have any questions or are having issues filling out the form, please e-mail us.

After pressing Register, you should receive an on-screen confirmation as well as an e-mail confirmation.  If you don't receive both, please check your SPAM folder and verify your email address. If you still don't see it contact us immediately.

How to Fill Out This Form

Filling out this form correctly saves hours for the one who prints the name tags and avoids duplicate database entries.

Please Follow these Guidelines:

• Use proper capitalization - not All CAPS or no caps.

• If your spouse is attending, list the husband's name in the "First" box and the wife's name in the "Spouse" box.

• If your spouse is not attending, list your name in the "First" box.

• If your child has a different last name, please put that name in (parenthesis) after his/her first name.

• Verify that you entered your e-mail address correctly.  If you do not receive a confirmation email after you register, it's probably because you entered an incorrect email address.

• If a box does apply, please leave the box blank.  Do not type "NA", "None", "Deceased" or anything else. please leave that field blank.

• If you have friends or children age 20 years or older, they must register separately.

Registration Table

Children's Info Help

At Season of Our Joy, we are interested in helping you teach your children about the festival and the Hebrew walk. Therefore, we have put together programs to help facilitate that objective.

We will be working with three age groups, two for pre-teens and one for teens. Therefore, it is important that you list your children's correct ages. Be sure to list their age as of the festival date. We will be purchasing supplies for the children based on how many will be in each age group. If your attending children are 20 years old or older, please register them separately.


We need your help in order for everyone to have an effective and enjoyable festival.

There are a large number of positions needing to be filled.  We have listed most of those positions on the left.  Those with RED labels have additional information that can be accessed by clicking on the label.  You can also find volunteer information by clicking here.

Remember, if your child will be a part of the Children's or the Teen's programs, parental participation is required for at least one session of each program.  You may use that service to satisfy our Service requirement.

Please indicate whether you would prefer to be a leader or a helper (we really need leaders!)


If you see a photographer taking pictures at SOOJ sponsored events and functions, and you would prefer that he/she not take your picture or that of your family members, please ask him to wait until you are able to move yourself and your family out of the picture.

If you believe your picture was taken and you'd like your image removed from the picture, please provide SOOJ, via e-mail, the following information:

• the date, time, and location where and when the picture was taken

• the name of the SOOJ photographer who took the picture

• the approximate age of the person who's image you would like to have removed from the picture

• a clear photograph of that person so we can identify him in the picture

Privacy Policy

The information you supply on this page is used exclusively by the organizers of the festival to contact you for the purpose of supplying you with updated information concerning the festival.  If you have volunteered to help in various areas at the festival AND have indicated that we may share your information with other SOOJ leaders, we will provide the appropriate leader with your email address and phone number.

SOOJ uses email as its primary vehicle of communication.  If we find that your email address is no longer usable (you have changed your email address) we will from time to time use your supplied address to notify you by postal mail that our records need to be updated.

From time to time we get requests from former attendees to supply them with a person's email address or phone number.  It is our policy to forward that request on to you, thus giving you the option of fulfilling the request.

SOOJ does not use your information to send mass emails about non-festival related matters, nor does SOOJ share or sell your information to any other ministry or group.