Feast of Tabernacles 2017 .  .  .

Wednesday Evening, October 4 - Thursday, October 12

Registering for Sukkot!

An Overview of the Process

Let all things be done decently and in order.
NKJ 1 Corinthians 14:40

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When I'm racing around trying to get services started on time, or after I've given an inspiring speaker the "red light" in order to get him to finish his message, I'm often asked "why don't you just let the Spirit lead you" as if to say that the Spirit would have led me to let the speaker go longer or that there's no need to start services on time.  My answer to those type of questions has been, and probably will continue to be "The Spirit did lead me!  It led me to start on time!"

I believe YHVH expects His people to be organized.  God is not haphazard.  He's not haphazard about His Law (just ask King David), and He's not haphazard about about how we worship Him (just ask Nadab and Abihu). Thus one of the ways we honor and respect Him is to be organized in the things we do in His name.

Season of Our Joy is a highly organized festival.  We believe that it is better to make things office desktophappen than to just let them happen. We also believe that if you spend hundreds of dollars on gas or airfare as well as hours of your time traveling to observe the festival with us, we should honor you - our guests - by doing our best to make SOOJ everything we portrayed it to be.

On the other hand, we and many others have spent months preparing for your arrival. Count-less hours have been spent in front of a computer, in meetings, preparing dance steps, practicing music, and on the phone so that when you arrive, everything will be in place to where we all can spend eight joy filled days worshipping the King of Kings . . . and all we expect of you is to honor and respect our efforts by -

  1. living within our rules for the duration of your stay
  2. helping out with the various programs and events, and
  3. maintaining a joyful heart.start here

With that said, let's talk about the registration process . . .

Step 1 - Decide if SOOJ is for you!

The organizers of the festival want you, as well as us, to have a joyful and successful Feast of Tabernacles.  To help insure this happens, you must agree to extend certain courtesies to us that include, but are not limited to: 

page linkFull Details of SOOJ's "House Rules"  > >

If you can agree to the above, then go on to the next step.  Otherwise . . . Have a great Feast!

Step 2 - Determine Where You Can Help Us Out

Even though SOOJ is a relatively small feast, there are still a large number of activities and thus a large number of opportunities to serve. A listing of many of the major areas of service can be found on our 'Help Wanted' page. After determining where you want to serve, you can sign up for that area when you Register.

Step 3 - Check the Dates

Since the festivals are based on a lunar cycle, and not the Gregorian calendar, the dates and days are different from year to year.  It's important to block out these 8 days (along with appropriate travel time) on your calendar so you don't let the festival slip up on you.  Keep in mind that SOOJ observes the festival based on the traditional Jewish Calendar.  Be sure to make arrangements to get off work and get your children out of school. 

Step 4 - Register Online for the Season of Our Joy Sukkot Festival

After completing the first three steps, the next step it to actually Register with SOOJ either online or on the phone.  Since  Registration with SOOJ is required before you can secure housing at Camp Shiloh, you might as well take care of that now! 

When filling out the online Registration Form, please be sure to do so correctly.  The information you submit will be used to automatically fill out your name tags. Use proper capitalization so someone does not have to re-enter your information.  If a form field does not apply to you, please leave it blank.  Do not type in words such as "none", "N/A", Deceased, or "0".  Click on the areas where you can volunteer to help us out.  Be sure to not overload yourself, we want you to enjoy the festival yourself!

After registering with SOOJ on this web site, you should then secure housing at Camp Shiloh.  Housing opportunities are listed on this web site ( Click Here ).   Note that REGISTRATION IS NOT COMPLETE until you have secured housing at Camp Shiloh.

Register Here

Step 5 - Secure Housing

Whether you are planning to stay in one of the Suites, in a cabin, or simply camp, you will need to make housing reservations with us through our contact at Camp Shiloh.  If you need a place for a large family or if you and your friends want to stay close to each other, be sure to make your reservations early since the larger units go quickly.  Please note that you must register with SOOJ before the Camp Shiloh staff will allow you to reserve housing.  When you register with SOOJ (on this web site), please remember the e-mail address  and the phone number you used when you registered since you will use them to identify yourself with the Camp Shiloh staff.  By the way, each "head of household" will only be allowed to reserve one housing unit.  If you want housing next to another person or family, each family will have to register at about the same time. A "head of household" will not be allowed to reserve housing for another family.

Note that you will be required to pay a deposit equal to 50% of the entire housing cost when you register and that 100% of the housing price must be paid by July 2nd.  If you should need to cancel your registration later, do so before September 1 in order to be refunded 100% of what  you have paid.  Cancellations after September 1 will be non-refundable.

Once you have completed the Registration Process, we suggest that you:

Start a Saving's Plan

Just because SOOJ does not charge for registration, there are still costs that you will incur when you come to the festival.  You will need money for travel, lodging along the way, food and lodging while at the festival, and for anything you intend to purchase at the Resource Room.  Do what you can to make sure you have the funds to not only get to the festival, but to enjoy it and return home safely.  Many families put money away each week in a fund just for the fall festival.  It works!

Notify Us If Your Plans Change

After registering, if for some reason you decide you will not be able to attend the festival with SOOJ, please contact us by email or phone to let us know.  This will enable others to attend that may have been turned away once we fill up.  Be sure to cancel your housing as well!

page link Click Here to learn more about Planning for the Festival >>

Is SOOJ Right for You?

There are numerous places in the USA where a person can enjoy the Festival of Sukkot.  Each location has specific rules and guidelines that guests must follow.  The same holds true with SOOJ.
If, as a guest of SOOJ  you are unable or unwilling to follow the guidelines, then SOOJ is not for you.  Please attend the festival elsewhere.

Where Can I Help?

At SOOJ, there are numerous places where a person can serve.  Because we want to be organized BEFORE the festival begins, it's not nearly as helpful to offer your services when you arrive as it is to offer them when you register.  The more helpers we have, the less time each person will need to serve.

Register Early!

When you register early, we are better able to plan the various festival programs; and because you have volunteered early, we're able to put each person in the most productive place. 

Contact Camp Shiloh to make housing reservations.

(903) 855-1800


Contact us . . .

. . . if you have questions about anything on this page.