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Wednesday Evening, October 4 - Thursday, October 12

Articles by Season of Our Joy Participants

We know that by attending Season of Our Joy, a number of questions are raised concerning the festivals.  The following messages are intended to help you understand the festivals and why we do what we do.  These articles are submitted by various SOOJ participants (both past an present). They represent the views of the author and/or presenter and do not necessarily represent the view of any other participant, including the founders and leaders.

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Teachings About YHVH's Festivals

What Are The Feasts of the Lord? - Everett Leisure

 ‘Feasts’ are occasions which the Creator chooses to note on both a weekly and on an annual basis.  They are described together in Leviticus 23.  They have significance historically as well as prophetically.  The Passover (Heb. Pesach vs.4) is observed annually at the same date and time as Israel was preparing and eating their Passover sacrifice in Egypt.  This was the same night the Death Angel killed the firstborn of Egypt.  

Our 'Halacha' - Why We Do What We Do!

The New Moon and Israelite Unity - Tim Kelley

The Hebraic / Messianic movement is dividing over many things, many of which are not extremely relavent to the Hebraic walk.  Yes everyone wants to be scripturally correct in their walk - and that's good!  But some things just cannot be determined clearly from the scriptures, and the timing of the New Moon is one of them.  Yes - there have been many papers and books written in an attempt to explain this view or that, but it gets to be so difficult trying to determine which is correct.  God says that His ways are easy to follow - we don't have to go to the heights of the heavens or the depths of the oceans to figure them out.  So why all the confusion over the New Moon?

Sukkot and Private Meetings - Tim Kelley

The leaders of Season of Our Joy has put a tremendous number of hours into the festival for the purpose of bringing you teachers and messages that we believe will provide encouragement and hope to those who are new to this walk as well as those who are seasoned in the walk.  From the beginning, this has been the hope and purpose of SOOJ.  But some believe it's OK to bring their own speakers "into the camp".  Why does SOOJ consider this improper and disrespectful?