Feast of Tabernacles  . . .

Feasting at the Festival!

Eating is a large part of the festival of Sukkot.  After all, it is . . . a FEAST!  It’s been said that “calories consumed while enjoying the festivals are counted as nothing!”‘ Don’t know who said it, but it sounds good to me!

We know how important it is to a person’s spiritual growth to be able to just sit down and discuss the Bible with others over a meal. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to get to know others – your brothers in the Hebraic Movement. Thus, a part of the Season of Our Joy experience is to enjoy a number of opportunities to get together and just EAT.  We have a number of activities planned that include food and snacks.  The Opening Night and the  Hamburger Social will take place at a new location - outside by the Multi-Purpose Building.  This will provide a little more cover in the event of inclement weather and provide a place for us to store refrigerated items before each meal. These are still considered outside events so you will want to bring a lawn chair since inside seating will be limited.

The following are the scheduled meal and snack events: